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Step 1  I  Analysis

  • Inspection and determination of the operational risks
  • Determination of the calculation basis and detailed risk analysis for all lines
  • Analysis of the conditions taken as a basis
  • Identification and assessment of risks

Step 2  I  Concept

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  • Risk profile and recommendations

Step 3  I  Interim Presentation

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  • Presentation of the interim results – national/international
  • Rating of insurers Definition of further risk improvement measures
  • Setting the time table

Step 4  I  Implementation

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  • Development of the optimum risk and insurance concept – national/international
  • Detailed and binding negotations with the desired insurers on premiums, conditions, international programme

Step 5  I  Final Presentation

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  • Representation of results in premiums, amounts, risk improvements, insured risks
  • Contract samples
  • International programme implementation

Step 6  I  Support

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  • Implementation of the risk concept adopted – national/international
  • Handling and attending of the national and international insurance programmes
  • Claims management
  • Adequate, regular determination of the risk changes and attendance to risk improvement measures
  • Detailed annual review

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